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    Who’ll Provide Care When Military Caregivers Can’t?

    Many of the nation's "hidden heroes" are parents in their 50s and 60s By Richard Harris | April 14, 2014 America’s 5.5 million military caregivers — called “hidden heroes” in a recent Rand Corporation study — are toiling and sacrificing under the radar. More than a million of them (spouses, parents and friends) care for the post-9/11 wounded warriors, who are often young and unmarried. But what happens if you’ve survived serious injuries in Iraq or Afghanistan only to require

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    5.5 Million Reasons to Support Military and Veteran Caregivers

    by Senator Elizabeth Dole As I reflect on the national conversation we have initiated about military and veteran caregiving, one number continues to ring out in my mind – 5.5 million. The RAND Corporation report my Foundation commissioned revealed that 5.5 million Americans are caring for ill or wounded service members and veterans. When I first heard the figure, it astounded me. To think that so many loved ones have been quietly caring for those who have cared for us with such little

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    Dole/Rich: Military caregivers are hidden heroes

      Many are family members who don't get the recognition and help that they deserve. Right now there are 5.5 million wives, husbands, siblings, parents, children and friends devoted to the care of those injured fighting America's wars. Theirs is an all-consuming, emotionally draining task, one that has been driven for too long by loyalty and love, but little support. This population of military caregivers in the United States has largely been hidden. They are an unpaid national workforce

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    Hidden Heroes: Caregivers for Veterans

    ABC US News | ABC Business News Transcript: And next here tonight, we ask you to join with us on a special mission that has a direct impact on every community and every family across this country. As America's wars end, tens of thousands of wounded veterans have been coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. And every day, every night, a hidden army of loving care givers take up a struggle of their own for the rest of their lives. A groundbreaking new study was released late today, showing

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